Golnart Studio is a place from where we start our artistic journey with our backpacks full of our life experience and knowledge, our stories, memories and dreams. We have got keen eyes to explore, active open minds to interpret, and a beating heart to feel.
Our first destination to discover is ourselves as we step into our inner worlds which then lead us to our surroundings; from the land we are living in, to the people surrounding us, to the city we have been building, up to the sky, and down to the seas.
Following the footprints of ideas, taking us to libraries, galleries, museums, and even streets!
We swim a little in the mass media sea, and surf a bit on the internet!
Our eyes now shine, our minds are powerful, our hearts are full of love and compassion. Coming back to ourselves again, we jump into our final destination that is our own personal fantastical imagination where we bring our rich artistic ideas to life with our skillful hands!

Golnart Studio - Golnar Azimi

About me

Hi, my name is Golnar, and I am your art instructor at Golnart Studio.I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, and I'm currently working on my graduation exhibition at the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension under the mentorship of Dr. Izabella Orzelski. I am a certified art educator trained in the following subjects:

  • Children Psychology

  • Children Art Analysis

  • Application of Educational Technology

  • Instructor Self-Science in Education Process

I have been volunteering for almost two years as an Assistant Educator at the Art Gallery of Alberta and at Greenfield School where I was helping Dr. Izabella Orzelski in her art classes. I am also working with the Art Gallery of Alberta as a Gallery Ambassador.
My Passion for sharing the joy of creating art and a huge love for working with children led me to open my own art studio for children. I believe Art as one of the richest realms of culture has got the potential to change it's practioner, their relationships with others as well as their environment, and utimatley the society.